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Bowfishing Gator Hunts

    This would be a good time to scout for gators; hone in your shooting skills with a bowfishing trip. If you find that you need a guide to assist you in filling your tags, or its your first time and you want to learn the safe way of harvesting your gators, give us a call. Proudly guiding on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, and Osceola County waters, located 30 minutes from Walt Disney World Attractions

May Bowfishing

May is the month to put in for Gator Tags for the sate wide Florida Alligator Hunts. Applications open 5/17/19 thru 5/27/19. Give us a call if you need suggestions or assistance to pick a hunting area .If you like Bowfishing May is one of the best months to shoot in Florida. The Tilapia Start there spawn then and are all over the shallows. We shoot Long nose and spotted Gar, Catfish, Armored Plecos, Mudfish. The catfish are also all over the shallows spawning in May. Kissimmee Chain of Lakes are located 30 minutes from the Walt Disney resort areas